Welcome to the world of Puppet Master, a card game of espionage that pits you against your adversaries in a cut-throat race to gather intel while simultaneously plotting their demise.

"Instead of relying on turn-based actions that can drag on and on, Puppet Master introduces a unique playing mechanism where everyone plays cards at the same time."

Madam Mortimer

Everyone plays cards simultaneously, enticing chaos in a unique gameplay

Quick to learn and play...more opportunities for victory and betrayal

Destroy your enemies or collect enough intel to take over the globe

Puppet Master is currently under development.
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Like a deceitful game of two-handed Rock, Paper, Scissors - players Attack, Defend, Deceive, and Disrupt each other while battling two foes simultaneously:

Dodge attacks from rivals...

...while trying to slay targets.

play action cards to attack targets, deceive your enemies, & gather precious intel.

eliminate your foes or...

gather enough intel to take over the world!

The world is gripped by a cold ware. You are a Puppet Master, a tactical genius of espionage. Using your Agents, you must gather Intel and vanquish other Regimes of the globe. Surrounded by enemies, you must simultaneously contend with two nefarious foes: Targets & Rivals. Play your hand of cards to plot attacks, steal intel, and topple regimes to claim victory. Eliminate your opportunity or collect enough intel to take over the world!

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